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GAMMS took part in the ISPRS 2022 Conference in Nice France on the 7th of June 2022! On behalf of the consortium, our partner EPFL presented a paper ¨On the benefit of concurrent adjustment of active and passive optical sensors with GNSS and raw-inertial data.¨  The presentation is now available for free download on the GAMMS website. You can access it directly at GAMMS – GAMMS – Download our presentations for free. Additionally, the paper is also available for download at GAMMS – Download our publications for free.

Presenting our project at the ISPRS 2022 conference was significant for several reasons:

  1. Showcasing Innovations and Trends: ISPRS 2022 was a key platform for presenting and discussing the latest trends in photogrammetry and remote sensing. By participating, GAMMS had the opportunity to showcase their innovative work to a global audience, aligning with the conference’s theme of “Imaging today, foreseeing tomorrow”.

  2. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: The conference brought together experts from diverse fields within photogrammetry and remote sensing. Presenting at ISPRS 2022 provided GAMMS with a valuable opportunity to network, interact, and potentially collaborate with other experts, enhancing cross-disciplinary understanding and cooperation.

  3. Contributing to Industry Advancements: The inclusion of a strong technology track at the conference allowed GAMMS to contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the latest innovations in the industry. Their presentation on the concurrent adjustment of various sensors would be pivotal in advancing the understanding and application of geospatial technologies, crucial for various industries including urban planning, environmental monitoring, and more.

In summary, GAMMS’s presentation at ISPRS 2022 was pivotal for highlighting their research, engaging with a network of experts, and contributing to the broader discourse and advancements in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing.

GAMMS´ MISSION: The overall objective of GAMMS is to develop an autonomous terrestrial mobile mapping system (AMMS), based on the tight integration of: Autonomous vehicles (AVs), Navigation/geodetics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologie.

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