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8 partners, 5 countries, same goal. Join us!

GAMMS gathers a consortium whose members are complementary and cover everything needed, have some degree of overlap, have the necessary scientific and technical capacity, know well the targeted markets, and have a record of product and/or service commercialisation. 


GEOSAT is the GAMMS's coordinator. It contributes with its mobile mapping system, AI-based automatic map generation tools, map certification knowledge, and market traction.


Geo-Numerics is the GAMMS' technical coordinator. It will contribute with its trajectory determination knowledge and its multi-sensor real-time navigation and post-mission orientation software.


DEIMOS Engenharia contributes with its Galileo advanced receiver and anti-spoofing mitigation through the usage of NMA.


ENIDE will focus on business modelling and go-to-market strategies by leveraging its international network in Automotive & Mobility sectors and its expertise in IT development and exploitation of R&D results.


EPFL contributes with its knowledge in using Vehicle Dynamic Models (VDMs) for navigation.

Pildo Labs

Pildo Labs contributes with its experience in unmanned mission risk analysis.

Sensible 4

Sensible 4 contributes with its LoA-4 self-driving technology.

Solid Potato

Solid Potato contributes with its multispectral LiDAR expertise for AV applications.