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Silvère Lamy, Project Coordinator of Gamms H2020 Project
R&D Project Manager, GEOSAT 

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I took a time to think about my views about GAMMS project, and I first want to share my feeling of being part of this project. This is not my first European project, and I think it is a privilege to experience a piece of what European Union can bring, few citizens can have the opportunity to live concrete European experiences. Of course, being able to live this experience gives you a concrete and positive European feeling. Also, I feel fortunate to live in this era of partnership mindset from private companies and public entities. This culture of partnership, both Private/Private and Public/Private, was not that much developed when I started my career 15 years ago.

For GAMMS, all the core work packages have been started in order to elevate the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of each sub-system. This is really important to develop each sub-system to the prototype level. Each sub-system technology is promising, and the whole project solution will benefit from their deep interaction. Indeed, many sub-systems are really linked. They permit to give more leverage and accuracy to the next sub-system in the processing chain.

The initial assessment work package (WP2) is coming to an end in the next 3 months. Assessment of the requirements, the existing technologies and the potential market will provide key elements to build our feasibility analysis.

To simplify the understanding of what HD maps can bring to an AV, it is helpful to think about HD maps as the difference between knowing a route by heart and driving it for the very first time.

Recently, various AV projects refocused on more achievable goals than L5 and L4 autonomous level. They realised how difficult it is to take the technology from the lab to the real world. They have lowered their ambition and focus entirely on SAE L3 of autonomy. The AV market keeps being promising for HD map and GAMMS value proposition. Market players are moving fast, and we can observe many companies’ buyout and joint ventures over the past years.

AV simulation software can operate the simulation of automated driving systems (ADS). AV simulation is another potential market for GAMMS HD maps. Whether it is for ADS development purpose or for ADS certification purpose, HD maps are required for the AV simulation market.

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