GAMMS at Go mobility by Mubil

Enide presented Gamms in the poster session together with Esrium at Go Mobility from 27th to 28th April 2022, in Irun, Spain.


What is Go Mobility?

GO MOBILITY by MUBIL is the professional meeting point for the sustainable mobility ecosystem in Southern Europe. This event is mainly focused on the main public and private actors, where the needs of the present and the future challenges of sustainable mobility find their solutions.

The event takes place in the Basque Country-Navarre-Aquitaine Euro-region (Irun) and brings together players in the industrial and digital sustainable mobility ecosystem, encouraging exchanges with high added value and promoting innovative projects and the industrial transformation of the territory, based on an exhibition area, conferences, panels and a test drive area.

The visitors are the operators, buyers, decision-makers from cities and companies and service providers looking for new business opportunities.

Why did GAMMS participate?

GAMMS H2020 envisions AI as a core component of HD map processing engine to deal with huge loads of geo-data, collected daily/weekly and worldwide. In other words, robots mapping for robots. 

Mapping is an essential part of the world’s mobility innovation, the project brings high-tech to the conversation to help the industry to have efficient and sustainable mobility. 

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