GAMMS Preliminary Design Review

The eight European partners met online on the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) of GAMMS on 4th October 2021. 

A project milestone

GAMMS Preliminary Design Review (PDR) is one of the earliest GAMMS’ milestones. Partners and EUSPA experts met to review the first achievements, ongoing tasks, and next steps in the project. 

Regarding early results, Work Package 1 “Management” already submitted three deliverables (D1.1, D1.2, D1.4). The project coordinator GEOSAT presented the document and data platforms, as well as the project plan and quality management (D1.1). ENIDE presented the project website (D1.4) and communication plan (D1.2) and shed some light into the tools and guidelines available for all partners.  Finally, GeoNumerics shed some light into the upcoming deliverables within Work Package 2 “Initial market, user and technology assessment”.

Following the review, the GAMMS partners engaged in a technical discussion focused on the complete system architecture within Work Package 3 “High-level system architecture”, led by Sensible 4. The goal of this work package is the definition of the high-level AMMS system architecture (hardware and sofware) and its documentation in the corresponding Architecture Design Document (ADD). This package serves as a harmonisation/coordination effort between individual technical developments. At the end, the ADD shall cover all components of GAMMS: the AV, the MMS, the MLS, the Galileo receiver, and the trajectory, determination sofware.

What’s next?

The GAMMS partners will continue working together on technical developments. Next Critical Design Review is scheduled in March 2022. 

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