From France to Finland: GAMMS first geodata acquisition

GEOSAT and Sensible 4 carried out the first geodata acquisition during a road trip from France to Finland in September 2021.

GAMMS road trip

After months of preparation, the GEOSAT  road trip took place in September 2021. Starting from the company headquarters in Gironde, France, GEOSAT partners collected Mobile Mapping System (MMS) data on various stops on the outward journey to the northernmost destination of Helsinki, Finland, and return. The road trip counted 10 countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic), 20 cities (most importantly, Brussels, Bremen, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Jönköping, Stockholm, Turku, Helsinki, Riga, Kaunas, Warsaw, Ostrava, Prague, Pilsen, Nuremberg, Stuttgart), and more than 1000 km of MMS data acquisition.

Why a road trip?

The objective of this trip was to carry out the first geodata acquisitions with GEOSAT Mobile Mapping Systems on the test circuit of Sensible 4 in Finland. The idea was to collect a first set of data (LiDAR + geopositioning) in order to to carry out simulations and modelling.  This will support the detailed design and development of GAMMS Autonomous Mobile Mapping System (AMMS), as well as  its testing and validation. In the long term, the 1000+ km of MMS data will enable the production of HD maps and enhance geographic information through artificial intelligence.

What’s next?

After the road trip, GEOSAT will process the MMS data and share it with the other members of the consortium. GAMMS is also planning the next test campaign with other weather conditions. 

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